Joan Miro Paintings

Joan Miro paintings are amongst the best examples of 2oth century abstract art and this website contains all of his finest works for your to browse through. You can also find information on Joan Miro here too at, plus discussion on his life and career further down this page.

Joan Miro is regularly in exhibitions around Europe and North America where interest in his work is strongest. Typically his native Barcelona is the best place to head to see Miro paintings, but there is an impressive exhibition in London, UK within the summer of 2011 which is also well worth checking out, with around 150 paintings from his career.

Bleu II Joan Miro Painting

Bleu II Art Print by Miro

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Spain and particularly Barcelona have a long history in producing talents within the art world and Miro is just one of a number of highly regarded international talents just from this city, helping it to create a fantastic atmosphere which still exists today. The legacy from these people can be seen in the architecture and sculpture strewn around the city along with the great number of paintings displayed in the plethora of galleries and museums found around the city, which includes Joan Miro as well as others such as Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and other highly notable creative artists.

Joan Miro was a truly passionate man and his art and oil paintings were his way of expressing this. The strength of character he showed in fighting against traditional art styles was also impressive and highly committed. Miro was someone who always wanted to bring something new to the art world which hadn't been seen before. Miro was a confident artist and a strong personality who would not be deterred from doing things his own way. You can see more Joan Miro paintings here.

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Joan Miro Paintings

Click here to see the Joan Miro paintings gallery now

Joan Miro paintings cover a long period of time in which the artist could experiment fully with an array of ideas and techniques though all fitted relatively consistently with his overall approach that became known for bold, primary colours contrasting against elements of black, always made up as dots and simple abstract strokes. Joan Miro had similarities to many artists but no-one can be compared exactly.

The abstract style of Joan Miro makes his original paintings ideal as reproductions for those with contemporary style homes. Many of his fans within the present day order posters, framed art prints and stretched canvas copies of the original Miro paintings and find these are of good enough quality to add colour and interest to their homes or offices. You can also find Joan Miro prints here too.

L'Oro dell' Azzurro Joan Miro Painting

L'Oro dell' Azzurro painting by Joan Miro

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The paintings included within this website are just a selection of some of his best, please use the enclosed links to the Joan Miro gallery which contains hundreds more of his finest oil paintings and is well worth checking out, though there is little information on the artist himself. For those studying his life and career in detail, please find content around this website which aims to bring all the important details to you.

Joan Miro exhibitions and books are very important resources for understanding more about that artist plus his inspiration behind each painting. It is difficult to understand the reasons behind his style of painting until you read a little more about his life and his desires for his art work. Fortunately, Joan Miro exhibitions are frequent and most within Europe and North America will get a good opportunity at some point to see his best paintings up close.

Fundacio Joan Miro Painting

Fundacio Painting by Joan Miro

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In the summer of 2011 those in the vicinity of London, UK can see around 150 of his best paintings in the largest exhibition to be seen of Joan Miro in the UK for some 50 years. Tickets come at around 15 per person and the display can be found at the Tate Modern, who previously hosted a huge Paul Gauguin exhibition in 2010 which was also very popular.

There is an exhibition book available for those who can't make it to London in time to see the originals in person, and the book is an impressive size helping to get across the qualities of the paintings to the reader. The Tate Modern Miro book retails at around 35 and is well worth buying either as a memento of a visit there, or as an alternative for those who can't make it.

Fundacion Rodriguez Acosta Joan Miro Painting

Fundacion Rodriguez Acosta Painting by Joan Miro

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You will see from studying the paintings within this website that Joan Miro predominantly used bold colours and strong contrasts to give an immediate and powerful experience to those studying his paintings. This approach, combined with his simple objects found in the majority of his works, is specifically abstract and Miro can rightly claim to being one of the best exponents of abstract art within 20th century Europe.

Barcelona Joan Miro Painting

Barcelona Soccer by Joan Miro

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Barcelona as mentioned was crucial in the career of Joan Miro, offering him inspiration at an early age and later helping to promote his name and then continue his reputation once his career has passed by. Barcelona also became a topic in some of his works, as seen in the painting above which makes use of the iconic Barcelona FC badge that is an important symbol of this Football-mad city.

Kopf Joan Miro Painting

Kopf painting by Joan Miro

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Kopf, above, is another great example of the artist Miro using bold reds against contrasting black to give a bright st of symbols which immediately grab the viewer. Kopf has proven to be amongst his most popular paintings, with regards reproductions and can be found in many people's homes across the world, with most prefering posters and wall murals where their budget allows.

List of Famous Joan Miro Paintings

Joan Miro created masterpieces such as the following. This is a summarised list of his best known oil on canvas works, with many more besides not included here. For those interested in his ceramics and sculpure, this website concentrates mainly on just his abstract paintings.

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